General information
  1. This website is operated by Ardente Design Małgorzata Bromirska, ul. Andromedy 11/8, 59-220 Legnica, Poland, VAT ID: PL6912267575, REGON: 021873861.
  2. Pdfsewingpatterns.com offers digital goods for sewing enthusiasts such as sewing patterns, tutorials, and other learning materials.
  3. Any questions can be send to: PdfSewingPatterns
  1. The following trems and expressions have the meaning set forth below:
    1. Website - means the shop available on the domain pdfsewingpatterns.com;
    2. Seller - the owner of this site;
    3. Services - services provided electronically by the Seller;
    4. Customer - any person or entity who placed an order using this site or is a recipient of the Services;
    5. Digital Content - products in digital form offered by the Seller, in particular sewing patterns and sewing tutorials;
    6. Order - a request of a Customer, placed by filling in the order form, to purchase chosen Digital Content included in the Seller's offer;
    7. User Account - an individual Customer's profile created by completing our online registration form;
    8. Newsletter - messages from the Seller delivered electronically via e-mail, typically on a regular interval.
General Conditions
  1. This document defines types of products and services provided by the Seller as well as terms of use and sale of those services and products to the Customer.
  2. The display of products on our site is an invitation and not an offer to sell those products..
  3. Through this Website, the Seller provides Services to the Customer, in particular:
    1. the ability to view content posted on this Website;
    2. creating and maintaining a User Account;
    3. functionality of the shopping cart and an interactive order form;
    4. access to selected, free Digital Content;
    5. the ability to send messages using the contact form;
    6. newsletter.
  4. All services mentioned in the previous point are available free of charge.
  5. It is forbidden to provide unlawful content or to use the Website, or free Services provided by the Seller, in a manner that is against the law or moral rules.
  6. The Seller informs that the public nature of the Internet and the use of electronically provided services may entail risk of unauthorized access and modification of Customer's data. Therefore, the Customer should use appropriate technical means to minimize the risks identified above such as antivirus software.
Technical requirements
  1. There are no specific to this Website technical conditions that user has to meet. The standard tools will suffice such as: a computer or another device with an Internet access, an email address, and a web browser with enabled JavaScript and cookies.
  2. In order to use our Digital Content the Customer should have:
    1. a software capable of reading PDF files such as Acrobat Reader (https://get.adobe.com/reader/);
    2. a software to open zipped files such as 7-zip (http://www.7-zip.org/).
  3. In order to use our sewing patterns the Customer should have access to a printer (A4 or US letter size).
User accounts
  1. Creating and using a User Account is voluntary and not necessary to place an Order.
  2. By submitting a properly completed registration form "Create Account", Customer enters into an agreement with the Seller for maintaining the account.
  3. The agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time and can be withdrawn at any time.
  1. Orders can be submitted by filling in an order form, available on the Website.
  2. In certain situations, the applicable VAT rate will be established based on the Customer's location, that's why the binding prices are the gross prices displayed in the order's summary.
  3. Customer is obligated to fill out the order form truthfully, in particular not to mislead about the country of residence.
  4. The "Order Summary" section is an offer directed to the Customer, to enter into a contract for the delivery of Digital Content.
  5. The contract is created when the Customer confirms the order by clicking "Buy and Pay" button. This is the moment of creation of the mutual rights and responsibilities between the Customer and Seller.
  1. The Seller uses Paypal service to handle payments.
  2. The term of payment is 10 days. If the Customer does not meet the payment obligations the Order will be canceled.
Delivery of digital content
  1. Delivery of Digital Content is free of charge. The customer will recive a download link after the payment is made and processed correctly.
  2. In the event of any technical problems, upon request of the Customer, the Seller can send the ordered Digital Content to the email address given in the order form.
  1. The Newsletter service can be used by any Customer who will enter his / her email address by using the registration form provided by the Seller on the Website.
  2. After submitting the completed registration form, the Customer shall immediately receive, by e-mail, a confirmation provided by the Seller. At this moment an agreement is established to electronically provide the Newsletter service.
  3. The newsletter may include marketing and sales information such as information about new products or services in the Seller's offer.
  4. At any time, the Customer may opt out of receiving these messages.
  1. The seller is obligated to provide the products and/or services that comply with the contract, with the specifications listed in the offer, and are fault-free.
  2. If for any reason the Customer is not satisfied, complaints about the product and/or service can be submitted by email.
  3. The message should include the Customer's name, surname, e-mail address and order number (if applies) as well as the Customer's objections and expectations.
  4. The Seller will respond to the complaint by email as soon as possible, but within 14 days.
Withdrawal from the contract
  1. Cancellation of Digital Content delivery agreement:
    1. The Customer has the right to cancel the Order within 30 days from the date of purchase, for any reason.
    2. If delivery of Digital Content started with the Customer’s explicit prior consent within the cancellation period, the Customer will lose the right of withdrawal.
    3. The order can be cancelled by e-mail. The message should include the Order number, the Customer's name and surname. The statutory withdrawal form can be used as well: download.
    4. If the Customer cancels the Order which has already been paid, the Customer will receive a full refund.
  2. Cancellation of the agreement for User Account maintenance:
    1. The Customer can withdraw from the agreement at any time without giving any reason. To delete a User Account, the Customer should send a request to the Seller via email.
  3. Newsletter cancellation:
    1. The Customer may at any time opt-out of receiving the Newsletter by unsubscribing via the link provided in any e-mail sent through the Newsletter or by writing the Seller an email.
Personal data
  1. The Data Controller of personal information is the Seller.
  2. The Seller collects and processes personal information given by the Customer, in order to provide the Customer with requested Services and to process Orders. The basis for processing personal data is the consent of the Customer as well as the statutory authorization to process personal data.
  3. Data submission is voluntary but necessary for the implementation of certain Services and contracts by the Seller.
  4. The Customer has the right to access and amend the personal information provided to the Seller, as well as to request to stop processing or to delete the information.
  5. The Seller implements reasonable physical, administrative and technical safeguards to protect Customers personal information from unauthorized access, use and disclosure.
  6. For more information on the processing of personal data by the Seller, please refer to the Privacy Policy.
Final provisions
  1. These Terms may be amended by the Seller. The Seller will inform Customers about upcoming changes to the legal agreements at least 7 days' notice prior to any new terms taking effect. The changes will be posted on the home page of this Website, Customers with a User Account will be notified by e-mail.
  2. Customers have the right to opt-out or close their accounts if they don’t agree with the changes.
  3. The Seller and Customer will try to resolve in an amicable manner all disagreements and misunderstandings related to the contract.
  4. The Customer can use an alternative dispute resolution method to resolve all issues pertaining to the agreement prior to proceeding with any formal litigation.